Rise of the Dutch Lionesses in Women’s World Football

Written by Wilco Ravestijn |March 1, 2020

The Dutch Pride of Lionesses is on the prowl to dominate Women’s World Football. Over the last decade, the tiny country of the Netherlands has become a formidable contender on the national stage ranking third in FIFA Women’s World rankings behind the USA and Germany, but ahead of France, England, Brazil, and Japan. How does a country with a mere population of just 16 million compete with nations housing populations significantly larger with decades-long history?  The same unique footballing culture, methods, and philosophy that brought rise to this tiny footballing nation in the 70s and 80s and continues to dominate[…]

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The Origins of Dutch Football Philosophy and Methodology

Written by Wilco Ravestijn |October 17, 2019

The Dutch have earned a deserved reputation for their technical creativity, tactical awareness, attacking possessive style, and ability to know where and how on a football field to find their team mates. These qualities have not come about through accident, however. They are the result of a guiding philosophy and methodology that are instilled in players starting at the grass roots youth level. Dutch football is known for its patient build-up from the back, and early deep pass to set-up the attack, and the use of the “third” – or free- man to exploit goal scoring opportunities. Dutch players have[…]

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