Social Media Manager For

Dutch Football Club is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3). We run a Low-Cost / High-Value soccer club model for the benefit of our local community. We strive to provide a high-value soccer experience at the lowest possible cost and one way we do this is to delegate important club responsibilities to members within our organization vs hiring someone which would require us to increase our club costs. Our goal is to make playing soccer at a competitive level affordable for all…very much like it is in the Netherlands.

The club has a volunteer position open for a Social Media Manager For

Position Summary:

The club’s facebook page is the an important part of keeping in touch with our existing members and potentially new prospects looking to join our club. We would like to make our facebook page a bigger part of our club by updating it with club related news and events as well as interesting stories on our coaches, teams and players or other members in our club. The main role is to create a more engaging experience in our facebook page.

Position Expectation:

  • Weekly commitment: < 5 Hours Per Week
  • facebook and social media experience
  • Get our existing members to like and follow our FB page
  • Run a monthly or quality contest to increase engagement with prices/rewards
  • Update FB page weekly with new photos of both our girls and boys players
  • Update FB page with Articles, news or events provided by club
  • Maintain the FB page admin requirements
  • Work with Webmaster to updates FB with reviews and photo gallery
  • Work with DOC & Executive Director to add, remove or update teams, coaches, and leadership details
  • Attend club leadership meetings (1-2 in-person & 1-2 online zoom per year)
  • Willingness to take initiative to fix things that don’t look right.
  • Suggest FB upgrades to improve the our social media presence to improve engagement

If you are interested in this role, we greatly appreciate your consideration in helping us fulfill this important responsibility. Please contact with your interest.